Hi friends! It’s been a while but I’ve been working on some great stuff for you guys! I spent the past two days with a phenomenal group of women, all from different backgrounds, all pulled together for the sake of Yoga. In fact, we all found ourselves through different avenues drawn to become Certified Kids Yoga Teachers. I found out about Kidding Around Yoga¬†through looking further into Yogaville, which is kind of like the Virginia Mecca for Yoga. I poked around on their website a bit thinking, this would be something amazing I could offer to the Richmond community and they had an online class I could take in my own time! When I found out there was going to be an in-person training only an hour from my house I took full advantage.


Let’s face it, I already know how to do yoga and I have been teaching it to my daughter and nieces for a while but putting together a fun class that kids will enjoy and parents will find worthwhile seemed harder. How do you keep their attention? How do you teach to 10 kids at once? How do you make it fun? What order should things go in?

The creator of KAY Haris Lender had figured out all of the answers to my questions and packaged them really nicely into a certification program that left me feeling 100% ready to teach! In fact, the next morning I taught a sample class to my nieces and daughter and they had a blast! We spent the weekend connecting with our inner three year olds and remembering how fun it is to just act silly sometimes. What an amazing stress reliever it is! We let out our inner children and exposed our worries to women we had only just met, but for whatever reason, Yoga does that to us.

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I was so moved by the receptiveness of my nieces to the Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is their special place that they can meditate and go to whenever they like. These two darling little girls (though maybe not so little anymore) have gone through more in their 6 and 11 years than some people go through in their whole life and I am not always there when they need someone to trust. I know now that they can go to their Secret Garden whenever they are stressed or overwhelmed and exist there for a little while. It’s an amazing tool that I hope to reinforce throughout their lives.

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I hope to be offering these classes in the Richmond Area very soon but if you are looking for a KAY teacher in your area click here. If you want to become a teacher check out their trainings online and in-person and if you are ever in the Stafford area and looking for a great Yoga or Barre studio check out Latitude Yoga Co. Catie is a beautiful soul who clearly loves what she does. She’s a fantastic teacher, trainer, mentor and I encourage you to check out her spot.