I don’t really let Charlie eat candy. We do sweets sometimes but I really try to bake healthy treats for her that she still enjoys. That being said, she’s a kid, and I don’t have a complete no sugar policy for her. Sometimes we go out for ice cream or she has a cupcake at a party or we share a dessert out. I just don’t want sugar to be a regular part of her diet and if it is possible for me to prevent a sugar addiction, I will. Refined sugar poses a myriad of harmful effects for children including but not limited to:

  • immune system suppression
  • behavior and learning problems
  • higher risk for obesity
  • higher risk for diabetes
  • higher risk for heart disease

We went trick or treating this year with my nieces and ended up with more Halloween candy than she will ever need. Charlie was Marilyn Monroe (haha). We had fun.

I’ve recently been learning about this Switch Witch idea that’s been sweeping the parenting world. It’s very similar to the Elf on a Shelf but in this case instead of having a (kind of creepy if you ask me) doll that watches over your kids they leave out their Halloween candy for the Switch Witch and she switches it with a toy or maybe some cash. I have to admit I like this idea better than Elf on the Shelf, but I wasn’t 100% all in. I decided to modify it a bit.

Charlie is donating her candy to the troops this year. Who else deserves to get a sugary treat in the mail more? I’m packing up her candy and giving her a lesson in gratitude, compassion and charity. I had her make a little card to send with the candy too. She loves to paint.


In return, I swapped out her candy for a brand new puzzle (her current obsession).


There are several different places to donate Halloween candy. Here are a few:

  • Donate to the Troops- Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude are two great charities that collect candy and send them out for you. Information is on their website.
  • Buyback Programs/Reverse Trick or Treating- Many times local dentists will have buyback programs. You can actually take your kids out to reverse trick or treat to sell their candy to these programs who donate the candy to non-profits.
  • Candy Craft- Get out the glue gun and turn your candy into a house or a sculpture or maybe a candy town!
  • Candy Science Experiments

What are you guys doing with your candy this year?