I took the classic peanut butter on apples and amped it up a bit. Charlie is 2 so just handing her apples with nut butter means I will likely be cleaning nut butter off of everything. So I made them handheld! This is so simple. I just used the whole grain eggos and toasted 2 smothered each side with smooth almond butter and sliced a granny smith apple thin, placed it in between the 2 waffles and sliced into triangles so little nugget could pick them up easily. I ended up making one for myself they looked so delicious!

Not only is this simple and delicious, but it’s a great balance of carbs and protein to start the day and keep your little one going.

Apples also carry with them a ton of benefits including tons of fiber (making it filling) a hefty dose of immune boosting vitamin c and they can help extend your workout with an antioxidant called quercetin which makes more oxygen available to the lungs!