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The Secret to Sticking With Your Workout Routine

Every year, so many of us start working out regularly with the intention of making it an addition to our everyday lives. Some of us make it, but many of us stop. We give up. We taper off over time. Just about all of us have experienced this let-down at some point in our lives. Some of us over and over again! So how can we stop the cycle? What does it take to stick with a workout routine? 

There’s one secret weapon that many have realized is the trick! 

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We’re Punishing Our Kids with Stereotypes

Walking around in a Pottery Barn Kids’ I watched as Charlie bounced from toy to toy. An adorable little boy around 4 years old was playing in a kid’s kitchen set. He came up to me and very plainly stated “Boys get tattoos on their muscles!” He was very matter of fact about it, it was a fact of life for him. Boys have big muscles, and they also get tattoos. No telling where, specifically, this bit of inspiration came from, and although the statement is not false it does pigeon-hole the world a little bit. I smiled, turned to him and said “Some boys do get tattoos on their muscles, but some boys don’t, and some girls get tattoos on their muscles too!” He furrowed his little brow as he stared at me. I could tell he was taking it in. You could see the wheels turning in his brain. After a few seconds he nodded and moved on. It’s a tiny little lesson that will allow that little boy to see people that fall outside that stereotype for the rest of his life.

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Skinny Espresso Milkshakes!

If you drive down Cary street through the cobblestone streets that run through downtown you will find a quaint little coffee shop called Shockhoe Espresso and Roastery. When we were in college, Brandon and I would frequent the shop whenever we could to grab one of their famous “Shockhoe Shakes”- espresso milkshakes  (named after The Shockhoe Slip of Downtown Richmond) that are absolutely to die for! 

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Supporting Your Local Farmers Market and The Birdhouse Market Benefit Dinner

Since about my Junior year in college my mom and I have been regulars at our local farmers market. Every Tuesday evening we’d grab our bags and coolers and head down the street to grab as much local, organic produce as we could possibly eat. It has been my favorite summer tradition with my mom since. Imagine doing your grocery shopping outside, almost festival style, with all of the best selections of produce, meats and cheeses all from local farms in your area. Imagine listening to live musicians while you shop and stopping by the popsicle stand to grab a chocolate sea salt popsicle. Imagine fun kids activities, story times and lots of animals to see and pet. This is what we do every week. Charlie usually walks around eating a carrot or popping sun gold tomatoes in her mouth and we have the best time. 

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Sparkling Cucumber Spa Cocktail

We’re in the midst of some crazy climate change heat wave here in Virginia. I swear, it’s 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity (unless its 6am, then it’s perfect outside). On days like these, I crave something just like this sparkling cucumber mint cocktail. It’s light, not too sweet with just the right amount of bubbles and after a day hanging out with my two year old, a cocktail is more than welcome. I love this drink because it reminds me so much of cucumber spa water with an added kick and a buzz. 

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Strawberry Ginger Sorbet

This post was originally posted on A Mind”full” Mom. To see the recipe associated with this post please click this link.

When you’re in the food blogging community you quickly learn all of the random national and world holidays. Apparently, yesterday was apparently National Ice Cream Day. I missed the boat big time because ice cream just happens to be one of my favorite things in the whole world. Like, if I was making my own song about my favorite things ice cream would be right up there with dry erase calendars and chocolate covered almonds. Typically I’m a traditional chocolate ice cream girl, but this sorbet combines some of my favorite flavors, it’s easier to make than typical ice cream, it’s dairy free and it is 1000% more refreshing on hot summer days. 

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Italian Eggplant Galette

Eggplant is one of those polarizing vegetables. I’ve found that most people either really love it or really hate it. I’m not really sure why, it’s incredibly mild in flavor (not like beets) and you can pretty much make it taste like anything you cook it in. We have a local greek restaurant in Richmond called Stella’s that has an appetizer that’s a medley of mild summer vegetables like eggplant cooked in tons of garlic and baked on the top of a warm flatbread. It’s amazing. I just had to create a recipe that used eggplant, garlic and bread. I melded that idea with another one of my favorite Richmond foods, the tomato basil tarts at Idle Hands Bakery, to create this beautiful Italian Eggplant Galette. 

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Organic Farming Questions Answered by Farmer Amy

You hear me talking all the time about our local farmer Amy from Amy’s Garden. She’s our resident organic farming expert here in Richmond, VA and the farmer I trust most with my food. There are a few other really amazing farms in the area too, but Amy’s is my favorite for a few reasons:

  • She is always 100% Organic, guaranteed. She uses zero pesticides and organic, natural fertilizers for her plants.
  • Her food tastes the best. If you’ve never had food from a natural farm like Amy’s then you haven’t really tasted what veggies and fruits should taste like.
  • Amy and her staff are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. I’ve never seen any of them without a smile on their face and a free tomato, cuke or flower to hand to Charlie. 
  • Amy is an amazing lady boss. Although she works side by side with her farmer husband George, she has chosen to be the face of her company and she does it so well in an industry dominated by men. 

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Italian Roasted Turnips

Have you ever tried turnips? Our CSA farmer has fresh turnips every summer in our share and I learned to love them quickly. The first year of the CSA I had no idea what to do with these. I remember running home to Brandon’s stepdad and asking him to help me cook them. I found out quickly that these little babies are super easy to cook and have a fantastic flavor all on their own. Think something of similar texture to a potato (a bit harder and more dense) but the brightness of a carrot and a touch of sweetness.

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9 Plant Based Grilling Recipes

So often when we try to eat healthier we box ourselves into a baked chicken and roasted vegetables diet. All imagination and creativity in the kitchen go out the window for the sake of weight loss. Many people eat heavy animal protein and slack on their veggie consumption. When in reality, all research points to a plant based diet as the healthiest way to live

The grill is my absolute favorite way to cook. I get to cook outside in beautiful weather, there is little to no mess to clean up and the food always tastes amazing! I love a burger and a hot dog just as much as the next person, but as a person who struggles finding quality meat I actually want to feed to my family, I adore a vegetarian grilling option, especially when they are this amazing!

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